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Textile Inspection for Hi Tec fabrics, wool and cotton.

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About us

uploadImgs/foto_pc.jpgKentec, founded in 1993, is an engineering company which operates in the field of machine vision, thermal vision, spectral vision and industrial research.

Kentec offers consulting services covering the complete cycle necessary for the analysis, design and realisation of Industrial Machine Vision projects.

Our clients generally refer to us when they require a custom or tailored solution not readily available in the market place.

Located in the province of Pisa Kentec's main market place is Italy but it has also successfully realised projects throughout Europe and Asia.uploadImgs/foto_pc.jpg

Kentec has matured over 25 years of machine vision  experience in the following sectors:

  • glass
  • textiles
  • ceramic tiles
  • electrical motors
  • rolled and extruded aluminium
  • 3D measurements
  • AI classification
  • print inspection
  • medical digital x-ray systems
  • automatic radar image processing and analysis
  • building energy efficency

Our Client Base

  • Manufacturing industries
  • Process Industries
  • OEM's
  • Machine builders
  • Industrial robot suppliers
  • Building energy efficency reserch entities
  • R&D bodies


For addition information or inquires contact us.


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